How To Make Glass Fire Pit

Best Glass Fire Pit

Glass fire pit provide a surprisingly well to the standard fire screen rotation. They use fire rock, glass available supply stores fireplace and fire pit, a bright fire to almost any color. Campfires are especially interesting glass fire pits used in modern design, at best, through close beside a pool or fire pit indoors with ventilation installed in the middle of a living room or in a bedroom. The effect is more refined and cleaner appearance of flat lava rock is suitable for any container campfire fitted with natural or propane gas.

Instructions to make glass fire pit: empty and clean the fire pit. Fill the bottom of the fire pit with a layer of 2-3 inches of sand builder. Add lava rock into the fire pit, on top of the sand, but under the gas burner until the rock reaches 2-inch from the top of the pit. Replace the burner on top of the lava rock.

Fill in the last 2 inches of space available inside the fire pit with a glass fire pit so as to cover the gas burner. Use the fire pit as normal.

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